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WeCount is a project that wants to work with local citizens and community groups to explore urban mobility challenges. The project is being carried out as five major pilot studies in six european cities / regions: Leuven, Belgium; Madrid / Barcelona, Spain; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Dublin, Ireland; and Cardiff, Wales.

The aim is work with citizens to quantify local road transport, produce new knowledge on local mobility, and co-create informed solutions to tackle various road transport challenges such as speeding, rat-running, peak episodes, air pollution, active travel etc. We want local citizens to help us design the project that meets their local transport challenge.

The concept is very simple – a sensor, called a Telraam, in combination with a low-cost computer, is placed in an upstairs window with a clear view of the road. The sensor counts cars, large vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and can also assess car speeds. The data is open access (so freely available for anyone to download) and can be viewed on the sensor data dashboards. We work with local communities to establish these sensor networks in their neighbourhoods and then facilitate local workshops and discussions to utilise this data and local knowledge to address the key challenge(s) that the community is interested in... By the way, the Telraam sensor is FREE!!

The sensor needs to have a clear, unobstructed view of the road (i.e. no trees, telephone poles etc). Also, the sensor is ideally located in the middle of a road segment as it works best with free flowing traffic. If you cannot have a Telraam sensor then we still want your help with data interpretation, analysis, co-creation of solutions etc. The more insights, perspectives and knowledge we can bring to the project the better!

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This is an open air quality monitoring initiative. This page will be a gateway to live and historical records. It should demonstrate a number of methods of data distribution for machine to machine interfaces as well as more user friendly presentations.

Our Pole Inserted Sensor System example slots neatly into the top of any standard street furniture (as not seen in the image(?)).
Try the live feed from the link below or contact us for the api feed details.

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